Howls At Night

An Apache Indian scout far away from the bones of his ancestors.



  • Son of the village/kin group shaman. A great shaman known throughout several villages.
  • He can rarely hear the spirits and never understand them.
  • His younger brother took the expectations of the village and flourished under his father’s teaching.
  • Howls at Night’s is inability to perform any spiritual feats drove him into the scouting parties who patrol the territory.
  • He eventually became a scout and hunter for his village, preferring stealth and night raids.
  • Suddenly, the village became plagued with a debilitating illness.
  • His father believed that the source was an evil spirit, whose motivations remained unknown.
  • His father and younger brother were killed by white men (unknown who/what/why) while on a quest to discover and appease the spirit.
  • There is no-one in the village to replace his father as shaman and spiritual leader.
  • Howls at Night left his village to bring back a shaman to help his people.


  • He is scared that the benevolent spirits have forsaken his village to the Mantou, so he follows the old ways like his father taught him. He had not followed the old ways before the crisis, he makes every attempt to not offend/appease the spirits.
  • He knows little of white culture as he spent most of his time scouting away from the village. He received less contact with white culture than the average Indian.
  • The medicine used to keep his village from being completely ravaged by the illness is expensive. He sends most of his spare coin home. He is always looking for an opportunity to earn more to send home (buying him time) and looking for ways to get word of his plight to a sympathetic shaman.

Howls At Night

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